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flagpole cleats

Left to right: ##CLHD2 14.75", #CL9 9", #CL6 6", #CLV 6", #CLP-G 4", #CLC 4.5"

Light Duty Cast Aluminum Cleat;

#CLC 4.5" $7.75 Distance between bolt centers 3/4"

#CLV 6" $8.50 Distance between bolt centers 1"


Standard Cast Aluminum Cleats; Two 1/4"-20NC stainless steel mounting screws included

#CL6 6" $17.00 in silver; add $3 for bronze, white or black. Distance between bolt centers: 2"

#CL9 9" $20.50 in silver; add $3 for bronze, white or black. Distance between bolt centers: 23/4"


Atlantic Fiberglass Flagpole Cleat

#CL7FG $24.00 CLEARANCE PRICE: $12.95 Limited to stock on hand Nylon cleat for fiberglass Atlantic Fiberglass flagpole; includes bolts for the Atlantic Fiberglass (Tida Flag) flagpole


Cast Nylon Cleat; Distance between bolt centers: 11/8",  Two #10-11/2"self tapping mounting screws included.

#CLP-G 4" $6.50 Grey

#CLP-W 4" $6.95 White


Cam Cleat

Cam Cleat



heavy duty aluminum flagpole cleat

Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum Cleat; Distance between bolt centers: 4 7/8"", Two 3/8"-16NC stainless steel slotted flat head screws included. length 14.75"

#CLHD2 14.75" $149.00 in silver; add $10 for painted bronze, white or black

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This unit comes complete with a cleat cover box mounted onto a 20 high, 12 wide, 1/8 thick aluminum plate. Designed to be mounted using thru wall bolts or expansion shields (not provided) utilizing 3/8 diameter threaded rod. Standard colors are: Silver with satin finish, Clear anodized, Bronze #313, White & Black. Please specify color when ordering. Comes with lock and keys.

Model Type of lock Silver Clear Anodized Bronze #313 White Black
CBWMC Cylinder $419.00 $489.00 $492.00 $495.00 $499.00
CBWMP Padlock $469.00 $505.00 $507.00 $509.00 $511.00


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