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Halyard is the rope in a flagpole. It is not a "lanyard". Polyester flagpole rope is what I've used for flagpoles since the early 80's and I've been really happy with it. I have been pleased with its quality and ruggedness. I recommend it over polypropylene halyard for a flagpole rope repair. Flagpole Halyard (A fancy way of saying "flagpole rope") But this is not common cotton rope. Mine is double braid polyester. Best for flagpole cord because it is tough, rugged against the sun's ultraviolet rays, and it resists stretching.

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The Flag GuyTM  recommends He-Man HalyardTM  MADE in USA

Increase the strength in your flagpole with DOUBLE BRAID high performance polyester flagpole rope. Same great resistance to moisture, sunlight UV, and abrasion that you expect in a polyester fiber. Great resistance to rot and mildew. This is a a critical component of your flagpole supplies. This is our first choice when reroping a flagpole

Double braid construction consists of a tightly braided jacket over a braided core is like a rope within a rope. Double braid construction gives you about TWICE the breaking strength of standard solid braid polyester halyard. This product is clearly for someone who wants to up the ante and get the best available double braid polyester halyard.

Halyard, flag rope, is NOT returnable



Double Braid Polyester

He-Man HalyardTM

Model #

Thickness/Breaking Strength

He-Man Halyard is twice the strength of solid braid polyester halyard

Price per foot

We'll cut you as many feet as you want.

Price per 600 Foot Spool
#8HM 1/4"  1,935 lbs 64 cents per foot $266
#10HM 5/16"  2,975 lbs 90 cents per foot $316
#12HM 3/8"  4,275 lbs $1.10  per foot $391
#16HM* too thick to fit most trucks and pullies 1/2" 7,425 lbs* $1.74 per foot; Less than full spool lengths of this size are limited to stock on hand. When it is gone it will be available only in full spools $563

 *Breaking strength is given only for comparison and for those who like information. It is NOT an indication that you should be standing under a piano weighing 2,974 lbs held by our #10HM halyard. We sell rope only for use in flagpoles. Our halyard is NOT sold for use as safety lines. It is NOT sold for use in raising or pulling loads or people. Safety Warning   Snap Hooks

*Be careful about size. Size# 16 1/2" is so thick it will fit only ONE of our trucks: #HDT2 Shown on our trucks page. This size is NOT commonly used in the flag industry. It will likely NOT fit your pulley or truck. I offer it for folks using our HDT2 truck who want the thickest rope they can get. I also offer it for those who have built their own giant custom trucks that will take oversize halyard.

Check your size! Most flagpoles use 1/4" or 5/16" rope. 3/8" rope or 1/2" flag rope are less common. The flag rope needs to fit through the pulley at the top of your flagpole. Measure the rope thickness you currently have.


Now Available Brown Halyard Line:

brown rope, brown halyard Click to Enlarge


Brown Rope now available

Double Braided Polyester Brown He-Man Halyard

NOTICE: Cut lengths of brown halyard is limited to the stock on hand. When it is gone it will be available in full spools only

Item # Price per foot Price per 600' Spool
#8HMBZ 1/4" 75 cents


39 Cents, limited to stock on hand




$133.00 Limited to stock on hand. Plus shipping based on your specific address


#10HMBZ 5/16"    

Available in full spool only


#12HMBZ 3/8"  

$1.57 CLEARANCE 59 cents




Snap Hooks


Wire Core Flagpole Halyard Line

Wire Core Flagpole Halyard

Flagpole Wire Rope with galvanized inner wire, polyester outer rope

Polyester wire core halyard line

Breaking strength for all three wire core halyards thicknesses is only as strong as the wire inside which is 900 lbs. (compare to the He ManTM halyard above)

Wire core rope is NOT returnable

Wire core flagpole halyard is cut to order

I personally prefer non wire core halyard. I find it much easier to work with. Some flagpole systems do call for it and some people just prefer it. Wire core flagpole rope is more difficult to work with.


Compare the strength to the He Man HalyardTM at the top of this page.

Wire core halyard is NOT stronger than the double braid polyester He Man HalyardTM shown AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGE

We sell wire core because sometimes people are just plain told to get it and some flagpoles may require it.


Model # Size White Bronze Silver Black
WCH8 1/4" $0.89 per ft $0.93 per ft $0.94 per ft $0.95per ft
WCH10 5/16" $1.10 per ft $1.16 per ft $01.17 per ft $01.19 per ft
WCH12 3/8" $1.47 per ft $1.55 per ft $1.56 per ft $1.57 per ft

Wire core flagpole halyard sold as full spools: Wire core halyard is not returnable

Model # Size White Bronze Silver Black
WC8SP 1/4" $869 per 1,000' spool $901 per 1,000' spool $904 per 1,000'  spool $905 per 1,000' spool
WC10SP 5/16" $538 per 500' spool $570 per 500' spool $573 per 500' spool $574 per 500' spool
WC12SP 3/8" $724 per 500' spool $751 per 500' spool $753 per 500' spool $754 per 500' spool
Wire Nuts for wire core flagpole halyard

Wire Nuts Large #WNL $4.00 each for 5/16 and 3/8" wire core halyard

Wire Nuts Small #WNS $1.50 each for 1/4" wire core halyard

Wire core halyard is tougher to tie knots in than regular rope. Some guys say they have no problem just knotting it. I don't see how. Here is how I have used it to rig a flagpole. For good measure I used two wire nuts but I have shown only one wire nut to make the photo more clear. Note I've melted the ends to seal the fibers.  Al C. The Flag Guy





Stainless Steel Cable
Model # Diameter Price per for for 1'-199' Price per for for 200' or more
SSC32 3/32" $2.50 $2.30
SSC18 1/8" $2.60 $2.35
SSC316 3/16" $2.80 $2.60

How much halyard do I need? Typically get twice the above ground length of your flagpole. If your cleat is mounted at the typical eye level, that will give you enough extra for making knots and wrapping the halyard off around the cleat. This halyard is great for a thousand and one uses around the home. So if you get a little extra, you'll find a use for it some day.

Helpful hint: If you need to cut the halyard, seal the end by melting it with a match. That will seal the fibers so they do not unravel.

Worn rope on flagpole

Worn rope on flagpole

How to spot worn out halyard

While you are at it, each time you change your flag, INSPECT YOUR HALYARD! This task should be as automatic as changing the batteries in your smoke detector each year when you set the clocks back.

I can not predict how long your halyard will last. You do need to keep an eye in it.

It you see the halyard showing signs of wear, you are playing Russian roulette. As long as the old worn halyard is still in your pole, you can use it to pull a new halyard up through the pulley. If you let it go too long and it breaks.. well, call your local bucket truck guy and ask him how much he charges per hour.

Helpful Hint: Halyard wears particularly hard where the snap hooks are attached. Move the position of your snap hooks  every so often to extend the life of your flagpole rope.


Why polyester halyard and not nylon halyard?

Polyester has better resistance to abrasion than nylon, greater strength, and better UV resistance. Both have excellent resistance to rot and mildew. Nylon has greater stretching capabilities. That is a preferred attribute if you are a mountain climber, but it is not a preferred attribute for a flagpole. If you are a climber falling on your rope you want nylon's shock-load absorption ability. You want the rope to stretch a bit. In your flagpole, you want the rope to stay as tight as possible. Polyester will have less elongation than nylon. It will stretch less and stay taut more. This attribute is particularly important the larger the flag you have. Elongation in flagpole rope is a bummer. Elongation in mountain climbing rope is a life saver.

Safety Warning: Rope is a tool and should be used with the utmost caution. We sell only flagpole halyard.  All the rope on this page is for use only in a flagpole. It is flagpole rope. We sell no rope intended for use in applications such as tree work or as personal safety lines where danger to life, limb or property exists. The flag rope on this page is not to be used to raise loads or persons. It is not to be used as safety lines. It is not to be used where life, limb or personal safety are involved.

Never stand in line with a rope or cord under load. Rope has built in elasticity and a snap back can occur if there is a break. Estimated break strengths are for new and unused rope. A knot can reduce rope strength by over 50%. Store rope out of sunlight to prevent degrading.

Working loads are for rope in good condition with appropriate splices and under normal service conditions. Working loads are not applicable when rope is subject to shock or dynamic loading. These can cause failure to a rope that is normally strong enough to handle the job.

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