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Snap Hooks:  Flag snap hooks are the flag clips used to attach a flag to a flagpole halyard line. Some people call them flagpole clips, flag hooks or halyard clips

We sell NO snap hooks for the purpose of lifting loads, persons or for use as safety harnesses or other safety equipment. We don't know anything about those kind of snap hooks. We sell snap hooks only for attaching flags to halyards. These are flagpole snap hooks. These are halyard clips, hardware for flagpoles and are a common component of flagpole supplies.

How to rig a snap hook

Snap Hooks are just one component of your flagpole hardware flag supplies

Other Flagpole parts

Like stone being worn away by dripping water, your snap hooks will slowly be ground down. The metal grommet of your flag grinds against the snap hook. Be sure to keep up on it. Your flagpole hooks are a core component of your flagpole hardware. Inspect your snap hooks every time you change your flag. If you are paying to ship an order anyway, add one or two inexpensive snap hooks. Put them in a drawer. When they go, they are like shoelaces. You need one. Flagpole hanging clips are good to have on hand. Check your halyard

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Flag supplies


Solid Brass Flag Snap Hooks: These are swivel flag clips.

Model #, Name

The picture shows left to right:

For Flag Size Price Each Price Each for 24 or more
#DEFS Defender 3" length

Use with maximum 5/16" halyard

3x5-4x6 $5.95 $3.75
#PAT Patriot 35/8" length

Use with maximum 3/8" halyard

5x8-6x10' $8.75 $6.40
#FTM Fort McHenry 5"

Use with maximu 1/2" halyard

8x12'-20x38' $14.95 $12.50

Stainless Steel Flagpole Snap Hooks


Stainless Steel Snap Hooks: These are swivel snap hooks

Model # Length Flag Size Price Each 12+ Each
#SSFS1 3.75"

Use with maximum 5/16" halyard

2x3'-5x8' $27.50  $21.95
#SSFS2 4.75"

Use with maximu 1/2" halyard

5x8' & up $34.00 $28.50


flagpole snap hook coversFlagpole snap hook covers stop clanging flag hooks. I recently got an order from a guy whose neighbor was complaining about the snap hooks, "flag rings", banging on the pole



Vinyl Snap Hook Covers: Tired of hearing snap hooks banging on your pole? How to use a snap hook cover


Model# Length Price Each Price Each for 12 or more
#SCS Grey 3.25" $3.75 $3.25
#SCSB Brown 3.25" $3.95 $3.45
Use with #DEFS or SSFS1 snap hooks



#SCL Grey 4.25" $4.85 $4.45
#SCLB Brown 4.25" $4.95 $4.55
Use with #PAT, FTM or SSFS2 snap hooks




Double Ender Brass Snap Hook

Model # Length Price Each Price Each for 12 or more
#DS-4 4"" $7.95 $5.95
To tell you the truth, I am not sure how helpful this snap hook is in attaching a flag to a halyard or how people use them. But some people ask for them. Flagpole parts usually do not include double end snap hooks.

Metal Snap Hook

Metal Flag Clip Metal Flag Holder Metal Flag Hook

Thumb Lever Snap Hook

It is a much lighter weight snap hook then the brass ones above and the importer was not able to tell us what kind of metal it is. It is not steel because a magnet does not attract it.

For up to 3x5' flag size, max rope size 1/4"

For the price, give this one a try

Model # Length Price Each
#TLS 3" $.99
Closeout item limited to stock on hand

The "Minuteman" Nylon Snap Hooks.

A low cost solution when you need a lot of snap hooks for 3x5' or smaller flags. Also a solution for those who are bothered by metal snap hooks clanging on poles

For up to 3x5' flag size

Model # Length Price Each Price Each for 36 or more
#MIN 2.75" $2.95 $1.35
These are nylon snap hooks, they are not plastic snap hooks.

Nylon flag clip   Nylon flag clip



Locking EXTRA LARGE nylon snap hook

For up to 5x8' flag size

Model # Length Price Each Price Each for 12 or more



For those who want the quieter aspect of a nylon snap hook but a thicker more massive version than a standard nylon flag clip.




Rubber Coated Brass Snap Hook

Model# Length Price Each Price Each for 12 or more
#ESR-White 3" $14.95 $11.95

Stainless Steel Flag Clip


Stainless Steel Spring Clips

Model# Length Price Each  
#SCLIP 23/8" $4.95
#2SCLIP 23/4" $5.95

shellback snap hook

Flag Rings For Shellbacks

Shellback Ceremony Shellback Ritual Shellback Ceremony

Lard and Raw Eggs: Kissing the belly of the Royal Baby

One has to love our Navy! They sail the seven seas and go where our leaders point them. They will sail under the polar ice cap or land supersonic aircraft on a pitching carrier deck in the dark. And when they cross that equator they use all their seamanship and skill to guide their uninitiated shipmates through a gauntlet of the worst concoction of slime that the mind of man can devise. Hail Shellbacks!



Brass Butterfly Snap Hook for Shellbacks

This is the flag clip, for Shellbacks, mariners of a noble and an ancient order.

Do NOT use them for your grommeted flags.

Butterfly snap hooks are a specialty item only for specific nautical purposes.  They are not for use with snap hook covers

Model# Length Price Each  
#BFLY 33/4" $7.95 TWO FOR $8.95

 Welcome Shellbacks!!

 Ye band of brothers and sisters who have endured the sea and crossed the equator.

Cross the equator and you may claim the rank of Shellback

But first, you must be initiated

flag clips

ZipKlipTM Flag Fasteners

flag clips flag clipsflag clips Click images to enlarge

ZipKlipTM Flag Fasteners

#2ZK $15.95 PER PAIR Includes two nylon fasteners, two set screws and two stainless steel flag clips

I've had a request from a boater for this kind of an item so here it is.

These nylon flag fastener clips are sold only two per set and come complete with stainless steel spring clips. The halyard is held firmly in place with a nylon set screw


ZipKlipTM Flag Fasteners are not returnable




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How to rig a snap hook   How To Re-rope a flagpole   How to install a flagpole

A handy tip when reroping your flagpole

Don't use knots to attach your flag clips. Over time, the knots get so tight they are a real problem to undo if you need to change the snap hook or adjust the distance between them. Your halyard through the pole should be tied to itself forming one continuous loop. Don't use the flag to complete the loop. If you do, and something silly happens, I have seen people wind up with one end of the rope up top on the pole, the other down below, and no way to pull the rope down without getting to the top of the pole. How To Re-rope a flagpole You don't make a flagpole clip knot, you just loop the halyard over the snap hook. Stringing a flagpole includes these helpful steps:

How to use a snap hook cover? Insert the snap hook into the cover snap hook cover..... such a way that you force the eye of the snap hook through the small opening of the cover.

Refer to the diagram above. Loop your halyard through the snap hook just as you would if there were no snap hook cover.

To attach a flag, push back the snap hook cover, lower the spring gate with your thumb....

....and hook your snap hook through your grommet.

Now you have a nice sealed snap hook that won't clang on your pole

Flagpole Cleats

Flagpole Gold Balls

Flagpole Eagles

Flagpole Halyard

Flagpole Ornaments

Flag Pole Pulleys

Flag Pole Trucks

Flag Poles (Aluminum)

Flag Poles (Fiberglass)

While you are at it, each time you change your flag, INSPECT YOUR HALYARD! This task should be as automatic as changing the batteries in your smoke detector each year when you set the clocks back.

It you see the halyard showing signs of wear, you are playing Russian roulette. As long as the old worn halyard is still in your pole, you can use it to pull a new halyard up through the pulley. If you let it go too long and it breaks.. well, call your local bucket truck guy and ask him how much he charges per hour.

Now here is a case in point. I just changed the flag on my own 40' pole. In doing so I followed my own advice and checked the halyard. The halyard on the bottom snap hook still looked great. There is just some minor abrasion in seen in the left hand photo. But take a look at the problem I found up top.......

See how mashed and ground up the halyard is at the top snap hook from grinding against the pulley. This needs to be replaced or I'll be the guy on the phone asking the bucket truck guy what he charges per hour. If you have a one piece pole it just is not worth playing chicken with your halyard. This halyard will break. The only question is when. There is no answer to the question as to how long any halyard will last. Just keep an eye on it. How To Re-rope a flagpole Keep an eye on your flag parts just as you would on anything else that needs to be maintained. Flagpole rope is guaranteed to wear out. Keep up on it.


Helpful Hint: Halyard wears particularly hard where the snap hooks are attached. Move the position of your snap hooks  every so often to extend the life of your flagpole rope.

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