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Vanguard Internal Flagpole Truck

Cast aluminum construction for use on rope style internal halyard flagpoles. A small pulley assembly is added to the inside of a standard outrigger style truck to allow the halyard to feed from inside the flagpole. The pulley assembly has a 17/16 outside diameter cast nylon pulley on a 1/4 stainless steel axle and is held in place inside the truck by a 5/16-18NC stainless steel set screw. The truck has a 2 outside diameter cast nylon pulley on a 1/4 stainless steel axle and is designedto slip over the top of the flagpole and be secured with three 5/16-18NC stainless steel set screws. The top of the truck will accept an ornament with 1/2-13NC threading as standard but can be supplied with other sizes of threading. The ornament is held in place by a size 10-32 stainless steel pan head screw. Maximum rope diameter is 5/16.

Model Fits Pole Diameter Sliver Bronze (Brown #313) White Black
IH13 3" $99 $113 $114 $115
IHT135 3.5" $132 $153 $154 $155



Cam Action Cleats  

Used in rope style internal halyard flagpoles. The mounted version is secured onto a 1 1/2 x 3 3/8 aluminum block with two #10-32NC stainless steel pan head screws. Both versions are supplied with two #10-32NC stainless steel mounting screws. Recommended maximum rope diameter is 5/16.

Size: The unmounted cleat is about 2.5" tall, about 1.25" wide. The bolt holes are about 2.5" apart on center.

Item # Description Distance Between Bolt Centers Price
CAMTD Mounted 2 15/16" $56.00
CAMUN UnMounted 2" $33.00



Winch Handle for stainless steel winches

#WH1 $72.00


"M" Winch Handle for "M" Winch models

#MH-612 $199.00



atlantic fiberglass tidaflag flagpole crank handle

Crank for Atlantic Fiberglass "Tidaflag" Flag Pole Internal Halyard System

For 20-40' flagpole #140 $59.00 (the black one in the image above)

For 50-60' flagpole #150 $69.00 (the turquoise one in the image above)


Flagpole Weight




Fabricated from 2 diameter steel and then coated with plastisol. The 3 1/2 pound weights are supplied with one eyebolt attached to one end while the 7 pound and 14 pound weights are supplied with an eyebolt attached to each end.

Beaded retainter rings for internal and large external flagpoles

Flagpole Weight

#CW7 & #CW14

Model Length Weight in Lbs White Silver Bronze #313
#CW35 3.5" 3.5 $64.00 $65.00 $66.00
#CW7 7" 7 87.00 88.00 89.00
#CW14 14" 14 113.00 114.00 115.00

Flagmore Weight Ring  #CW55 $99.00

Weight Ring for Atlantic Fiberglass Flagpoles

Flagpole Weight   Fiberglass Flagpole Weight Ring

Internal Flagpole Weight



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