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 Every flag bracket in the world can break: Pick the right bracket for the job! We have no hardware meant for motorcycles or other moving vehicles. I sell flag holders for ground level typical front porch type use. If you are putting a flag holder on a high rise or on a multi story building hanging over a street you should be speaking with an engineer of some type. I am not one. You need to determine if this hardware is suitable for your use. Flagpole holders come in all kinds of sizes and shapes. BRICK: Mounting a flag bracket on brick, siding, stucco or columns

Flagpole Holder   Flagpole Holder

#WB33 $29.95  The Side Mount Bracket: The Sideways Flag Pole Holder Solves a Problem

Up to 4 side mount flag holders ship for the same $11.95 shipping/handling cost Makes a great gift

ADD $11.95  Shipping/handling by mail  for up to four side mounts going to a single address.

Need a Flag? Get the Flag and Bracket COMBO DEAL: #WB33C $59.90 + $11.95 s/h; Buy one side mount bracket and we'll throw in one 3x5' nylon American flag with embroidered star, sewn stripes, heading & grommets (Regularly $39.95) for $29.95 and we'll still ship it for the same $11.95

Need a flag and a pole? Get a complete side mount US flag kit 

Bottom View: Side Mount Bracket Back View: Side Mount Bracket Click to enlarge

Side mount bracket can be used on both sides of the door: Flag Holder
Fits 1" flagpoles for those places where you need a sideways flag holder.
This steel sideways bracket fits where others won't. Goes inside door frames, garage doors, on decks or anyplace where you need a sideways mount flagpole holder. Works at any angle: you can install it as a perpendicular flag pole bracket or a side mounted flag bracket.

Supplied with 1" wood screws    Outside footprint of 3.5"x3.5". Side mount for flagpole

At last a side flag holder that solves a lot of problems: "The vinyl siding bracket" that you use without having to drill into the front of the house.

SIZE: Many of you have called to ask the exact size of this flag holder. You say you have real tight squeezes. Ok, here it is: Positioned as you see it mounted there, the flat mounting base takes up an outside footprint of 3.5"x3.5". Said another way, if you were to replace the two triangular corners missing from that otherwise square base, you would have a 3.5x3.5" square. The distance between the left most screw hole and the right most hole is about 2 7/8" on center. The distance between the top hole and the bottom hole is about the same. I can't be any more specific. If your needs are super exacting, please get one in your hand and try out our side mounted flagpole bracket for yourself.

Fits 1"  flagpoles and can be mounted as a side flag holder

This inside wall flagpole side mount bracket fits where others won't. Goes inside door frames, side of garage doors, on decks. A sideways flag holder; What won't they think of next? "Hey Al, how do I mount a flag to the trim of my garage door? I need a side wall mount holder" Just use a side mount flagpole bracket. How to mount a flagpole on a stone front? Don't. Use the side mount holder.



The Moose Flag Holder

"The Moose" Stainless Steel Flagpole bracket. This thing is stunning. (Fiberglass pole not included)


stainless steel flagpole brackets

Just look at this size comparison of the two stainless steel flag brackets. The Moose is a beauty. It has the high tech mirror finish befitting of a navy ship or Marine Corps color guard. I just love this bracket. It's one moose of a flagpole holder. These are heavy duty exterior flagpole mounts.

Classification: For those of you who know your stainless steel classifications, both brackets belong to the Austentic stainless steel family, basic grade 304 which means their chromium content is at least 16% and nickel 6%. The effect of the nickel is to avoid the problem of brittleness in low temperatures. Austentic stainless steels have a "high" corrosion resistance on a scale of medium, high and very high.

For those of you who wonder about the EXACT  size: Footprint is about 2.75x 3 1/8" overall size. The holes are about 2 1/8" on center left to right, and about 1.75" on center top to bottom. the barrel is about 3.5" deep. The screw holes are 7/32". The screw size we supply is a 10x1.5" wood screw.





The Flag Guy recommends "The Moose" Bracket with mirror finish

#WB34 $59.50 1" Diameter, approx 30 degree angle

 CLEARANCE SALE:Moose with matte finish Sainless steel flag holder

This bracket takes a 1" pole and it is supplied with stainless steel woodscrews and a stainless steel thumb screw.

Ok. Call me a flag geek. But I just get all excited about flag hardware. This is the king of flag holders.

I had been ignoring the stainless steel flag bracket shown at left for quite some time. After all, we'd had the smaller #WB26 stainless steel bracket shown below left for years and it is real good. When it came out it was the first stainless steel bracket we had ever seen and it was wonderful to have it. It truly fills an important niche. So I figure, what could be better about the stainless steel bracket shown at left that it costs more. But finally curiosity got the better of me and I bought one just to see it.

Now I know...

  • First of all, it is massive. In almost 25 years in this industry, I have not seen a larger 1" bracket.
  • Second of all, if you want to attach it to a telephone pole or lighting pole, the slot for a strap, (not included) is closed making it more effective.
  • Third of all, if you need a more solid anchorage, there are FOUR holes for screws which will give you 25% more bite into your surface.
  • Fourth of all, it has a more beautiful bright mirror finish
  • Fifth of all, take a look at the thumb screw: You do NOT need a Phillips head screw driver to tighten it down like you do if you want to use the set screw on our #WB26 stainless steel flag  bracket

Say "Hey Al, gimme a Moose!" It's flagpole hardware like it ought to be. Flagpole brackets don't have to be wimpy. This is my favorite stainless steel flag holder and is the best among strong flag brackets.

Indoor and parade mounted sets

American Flag Kits

Complete Flag Kits 


Railing Bracket for flagrailing flag holderClick to enlarge



boat flag clips for halyard Boater Flag Clips

American Flag Railing Hardware Kit

 #WB27 $69.00

 (Flag not included)

Sale Item: ONLY ONE IS LEFT; The unique design of this high-quality, easy to install hardware kit, features an adjustable clamp that mounts a 6' aluminum flagpole on fences & railings.
Works on square, rectangular, round or oval shaped railings from 3/8 up to 2 in diameter. Works with fences and railings of virtually any material including wrought iron, aluminum, or wood.

Meant only for balconies on ground-level front porch use, wrought iron and chain link fences around your home or business. All our hardware is fundamentally for ground level use.

Package includes:

  • NeverFurl Rail Mount bracket

  • 6 foot aluminum pole (1" diameter, 058" wall thickness, in 2 sections)

  • Brass acorn ornament

  • 1" white NeverFurl non-furling device

  • 2 with flag clips.

  • FLAG NOT INCLUDED. Requires a 3x5' flag with grommets

 Plus shipping/handling which we must quote based on a specific verifiable UPS address

LIMITED TO THE STOCK ON HAND, subject to prior sale




Stamped Steel Flag  Brackets

These flag mounting brackets are supplied with wood screws.


Stamped Steel Flag Bracket Model #


Takes Pole Size


Price each


Price Each for 12 or more


classroom flag holder#CLASSHLD Classroom Flag Holder; Works great to hold a stick flag also



3/8" - 1/2"















flag bracket#WB4HE a heavier, stronger version of the WB4)

Notice the thicker gauge of thicker #WB4HE bracket on the left compared with the #WB4 on the right

Larger and stronger #WB4HE on the left, slightly smaller #WB4 on the right








flag bracket#WB6 1" Steel Flag Bracket

flag bracketClick to enlarge my hand drawn diagram showing the dimensions. It shows as near as I can measure the approximated distance on center between the holes



Comparison of the typical thinner material of a lesser flag holder and our heavier #WB6






#WB15 (To fit that uncommon pole size)












Costco Flagpole Bracket

#WB58 Aluminum two position Costco bracket for some Costco kits

Costco PVC Pole Ring

PVC Costco pole ring with clip

For 1.25" pole diameter

Fits some Costco kits

#125 $6.95 For ONE ring














$14.95 Limited to stock on hand




Three Flag Holder

Three Flag Holder

Five Flag Holder

Five Flag Holder


Small flag holders:

Aluminum Finger Brackets with stainless steel screws

 Cast Aluminum Finger Brackets Holds Stick Flags with a staff size of 3/8"
Style Model # 1-11 12 or more
Holds 3 Flags #WB283 $15.20 each $13.50 Each
Holds 5 Flags #WB28 $18.20 each $15.60 each

"Good as new": $5.95 #WB28; We have some five flag brackets that were on an outdoor display. Small mark where the screws were. They've been outdoors for decades and as you can see they are just fine. $5.95 each plus shipping based on your specific address. Limited to stock on hand. SCREWS NOT INCLUDED ON THESE USED ONES



The best flag to use is a 12x18" on a 3/8" x 30"  dowel. These fit the holes in the bracket the best. Order them separately Stick Flags




Five Flag Holder

Five Flag Holder



Cluster Flag Bracket


Small cluster bracket, great for mailbox or front door.

Stamped steel flag holder holds five 4x6" flags; flags not included.

ADD FOR FLAGS: #SHU46 $1.49 each 4x6" US flags, our finest cotton quality with hemmed edges.



#WB26 $29.50 Stainless Steel Bracket

CLEARANCE PRICE: $19.95 Limited to stock on hand

Extremely strong, supplied with stainless steel mounting screws

1" Diameter; Distance between the two upper screw holes is about 1 7/8"; Between an upper hole and the bottom hole is about 1 3/4" as near as I can measure with a ruler.


flag bracket

Dimensions: These flag brackets are about 3.25" tall, footprint is about 2.75" left to right, profile is about 2.5" from the wall to the front face of the bracket.

Depth of the three sockets: The vertical barrel (the top hole) is about 3 1/8" deep, The 45 degree angle (the middle hole) is about 2-23/8" deep, The 90 degree angle (the bottom hole) is about 1.5" deep.


"The Engine Block" Aluminum Multi-Angle Flagpole Bracket. A solid compact no rust casting for those who need an extra stable point of attachment. Four screw holes provide extra bite to your surface. Displays a 1" diameter pole at a vertical, 45 degree or horizontal position.  Can be mounted to a flat surface with screws, not included, or a round pole with straps, not included. But set screws are included.

#WB39G $64.00 Gold Engine Block Bracket

Click to enlarge

CAUTION: This bracket does not lend itself to the pole being easily taken in and out. The pole needs to be held in with the two set screws shown. You need a screw driver to take the pole in and out. Click on the image to enlarge. DO NOT GET THIS SIDE MOUNT BRACKET UNLESS YOU DON'T MIND NEEDING A SCREW DRIVER TO REMOVE YOUR FLAGPOLE.

THIS BRACKET IS OPEN ON THE BOTTOM END. The set screws are what hold your pole in the bracket. Wooden poles are typically NOT a true 1". They are typically thinner even if they are said to be 1".

Do not use a wooden pole with this bracket because the set screws may not be able to hold them. Use these flagpoles



USA Desk Flag Liquidation 


1" diameter Colored Cast Aluminum Multi Brackets

Two position brackets have a 45 degree angle for regular poles, but also an 85 degree for banner poles meant to hold vertical banners or flags. Comes with thumb screw for holding pole tight. Supplied with wood screws.

#WB11S Silver  



$6.95 each for three or more

Limited to stock on hand


#WB11B Black $28.60
#WB11G Gold $33.60

#WB11F White

flag holder

Click to enlarge



This bracket can display your flag like this

Aluminum flagpole bracket


#WB59 $59.00

Aluminum Flag Bracket with locking pin.

For 1" flagpole. This is a real good find. No rusting, real thick

aluminum flagpole bracket aluminum flagpole bracket aluminum flagpole bracket The base plate is about 3x3" for a nice solid footprint to contact the installation surface. Look how thick it is: 1/4". The screw holes are 2" on center. Weep hole in the base plate allows water do drain out. Barrel is a deep 5". Drill a hole in your pole to match up the holes for the locking pin and you can use the pin to lock in your pole.


#WB23 $9.95 EACH; $7.95 for 12 or more

1" diameter Nylon Multi Bracket Two position bracket has a 45 degree angle for regular poles, but also an 85 degree for banner poles meant to hold vertical banners or flags. Supplied with wood screws.

This bracket can display your flag like this


1" Adjustable Aluminum Bracket

Displays pole at a vertical, 25, 50, 65 or horizontal position. For 1" diameter pole. Supplied with thumb screw.

Only use this bracket if for some reason you need multi angles or are simply married to the concept. It is not as strong as other brackets we have. Through the years I have seen more adjustable brackets break than our other 1" brackets

White #WB40 $31.95

Gold #WB40G $33.95

Silver #WB40S $26.95

Black #WB40B $32.95




Avenue Banner Brackets and Hardware


Wall Mount Vertical Flag Holder

For 1" pole, zinc plated steel

#WB38 $85 Each

Supplied with set screws to hold the pole in the tube but NOT supplied with screws or anchors to mount the bracket to a wall

Dimension: 12" Tall, distance between the wall and the back of the tube is about 2.25".

Bolt holes are about 2.5" apart on center and about 8.5" between the top holes and the bottom holes


Aluminum Wall Shield bracket, supplied with set screw but not mounting screws. Nice flagpole holders for inside a church.

Item # Angle For Pole Diameter Price
#WB42 25 15/16" $84.00
#WB43 25 1" $84.25
#WB44 25 1 1/8" $84.50
#WB45 70 15/16" $84.75
#WB46 70 1" $85.00
#WB47 70 1 1/8" $85.50
Size: The shield plate of all shield brackets are about 6" tall and 4.25" wide. The barrel is about 6" deep

Brass brackets

These are real strong and classy looking especially if you keep them polished. We've not seen one break. There is a set screw on the back that you can just make out peeking over the top edge in the picture. Photo shows a fiberglass pole inserted. Poles sold separately.  Supplied with brass wood screws.

A flagpole holder with class.

Brass Bracket Model #

For Pole Size

Barrel is this deep:

Price Each

Price Ea for 12 or more











Cast Aluminum Outrigger Bracket Flagpole Holder

For 2" pole, 30 degree angle   NOT supplied with screws or bolts

#WB17 $139.00 "As Is" CLEARANCE SALE: $39.00 plus shipping/handling based on your location. Limited to the two in stock, subject to prior sale. They have blemishes on them. We have not tried to clean them so assume what you see is as good as it will get. Final sale, no return: Click images to enlarge

used flagpole bracketused flagpole brackets These two have rust not from the aluminum bracket. Aluminum can not rust. The rust is from the bolts that were used.


Cast Aluminum PAIR of Vertical Brackets For 2" pole

#WB12 $119.00

NOT supplied with screws or bolts. Top half is the left photo, bottom half is the right photo

NOT supplied with screws or bolts

The round mounting back plate is 4 5/8" in diameter on each of the two halves

Flag mount for parking meters


Parking Meter Bracket, Parking meter flag holder. Clamps on to pipe diameter of about  2 1/4". The clamp is adjustable

Holds a 13/8" Diameter Pole


Each 12 or more
$49.00 $39.00 ea

Overall tube length: about 9"

Parking Meter Bracket or wall mount bracket:  needs to be strapped on if attaching to a parking meter. Straps not included

Holds a 13/8" Diameter Pole


Each 12 or more
$79.00 $69 ea

Cast aluminum lawn socket

#LSA 10" long For 1" Pole Diameter
Each 12 or more
 $41.50 $34 each
#LSA138 13" long For 1 3/8" Pole Diameter
Each 12 or more
 $47.00 $40.00 each

Supplied with plastic cap for the top

CAUTION: Before installing this socket into the ground you should make a hole with a crowbar first. Don't just slam it into the ground with a sledge hammer. If you hit a rock, you may ruin the socket. Don't pound the socket itself. Put a hunk of wood on it and pound the wood, not the socket


Lawn sockets

#APGT Galvanized Steel 10" long For 1" Pole Diameter
Each 12 or more  
 $11.95 $8.90 each  

Supplied with plastic cap for the top. CAUTION: Before installing this socket into the ground you should make a hole with a crowbar first. Don't just slam it into the ground with a sledge hammer. If you hit a rock, you may ruin the socket. Don't pound the socket itself. Put a hunk of wood on it and pound the wood, not the socket.


Cast aluminum concrete socket for setting into concrete

#CTS 6" long For 1" Pole Diameter
Each 12 or more
 $41.50 $36 each

Supplied with plastic cap for the top


Vertical Flag Holder 1", galvanized steel

#VH1 For 1" Pole Diameter
Each 12 or more
 $64.00 $59.00 each

Flag holder for dock or deck use basically at ground level

Base plate diameter is approximately 35/8"

The 1/2 " bolt holes are approximately 13/4" apart

Tube is approx 14.5" tall, base and tube are approx 1/8" thick

This thing is real darn helpful for mounting on a dock or deck or something like that. It is NOT the typical thing you would use in a school classroom

  Click on images of #VH112 to enlarge



Vertical Aluminum Flag Holders

Item# Holds Pole Diameter Apporox Tube Height


Approx Plate Size Each
#VH2 2" 15" 8x8" $165.00
#VH112 11/2" 15" 8x8" $157.00
#VH138 13/8" 14.5" 7x7" $149.00

Flag holder for deck or dock use basically at ground level.

   Click on images of #VH112 to enlarge

#TM2 $225.00 Tire Mount, Aluminum

Park vehicle on platform or weigh it down with cinder blocks

Insert 2" pole in sleeve.

Use with #AFP20F pole sold separately

The base plate is about 8x15"; there is a 1/2" distance between the edge of the tube and the close edge of the base; there is about an 11" distance between the edge of the tube and the far edge of the base. The tube has an outside diameter of about 23/8"

Feather Dancer Vehicle Bracket; Just park your car on it and insert your feather flag pole. Great for temporary events or places where you can't get a pole in the ground

Set screw allows it to take a pole from 7/8-15/8" diameter

#TGS $128.00


Aluminum Trailer Hitch Flag Mount

For standard 2" square Reese receiver hitch.

Absolutely under no circumstances for use on a moving vehicle.

Takes a 21/2" diameter pole

#WB41 $245.00

Use with #AFP20F pole sold separately




The Bull Moose #WB49 $189

Takes a 1.5" Flagpole

Cast Aluminum Outrigger Bracket

Displays pole at a 30 angle

Mounting hardware (screws or bolts) not included

Bull Moose American Flag Kit


click to see dimensions




At Last!! A bracket that takes a 1.5" Flagpole

Vertical Bracket

#WB53 $189.00 per pair

Cast Aluminum Verticle Bracket

Displays pole straight up

Mounting hardware (screws or bolts) not included


 Mounting a bracket or flag holder to brick:

I get asked all the time "Hey Al, I have a brick house. Tell me which bracket to use so it doesn't come off. Aren't there flagpole mounts for brick?"

Answer: NO!

No one bracket is more suited for that purpose than another. Just look at them. They all have a flat base with holes in them. Every bracket can be attached to brick. Why would any one bracket be more likely to stay attached to brick than another? Mounting a bracket on brick has nothing to do with the particular bracket. It has to do with the fasteners you use and the way you drill into the brick. Drill too close to the edge of a brick and you might crack it. That problem would prevent your fastener from getting a good hold and staying on. Your success even has to do with what kind of brick you have, how hard it is and its condition. Some brick is super hard. Some brick is soft. You can mount any bracket to brick but you need to provide your own fasteners. We supply only wood screws with brackets.

The question is not about what is being mounted to brick. Instead it is how something is being mounted to brick. It is not a function of which bracket to use.

Any bracket can be mounted on brick, but it is tricky. Holes need to be drilled with a masonry bit and then plastic or lead "anchors" or "shields" need to be installed. These need to be correctly sized to the screws that then will be used. They also need to be correctly sized to the drill bit being used. If the hole is not drilled to the correct size, if the shields are not the right size to the hole, or if the screw is not the right size to the shield, then the bracket will get loose. The person selling you the anchors or shields should sell you the appropriate size for the masonry bit you will be using and for the screws or fasteners you will be using. Also, the condition of the brick itself has a lot to do with how well the whole system performs over time. Even if you size and drill everything correctly, over time the fasteners can grind away at some brick and widen the holes causing the bracket to come loose. Drilling into brick and mounting a flag bracket to it is not a failsafe operation.

In short, the best way to mount a bracket on to brick is this:

Here is a good idea someone else had on mounting their flag holder to brick:

Or, put a bracket someplace else, like on a tree. Or it is very easy to put a very simple pole in the lawn. Take a look at the very simple EZ2 lawn kit shown here:
Lawn Flag Kits

The same concept applies to siding of all kinds. Why would any one bracket be better for that purpose than another?

Vinyl siding and other types of siding are problematic. What is behind your siding? Can you catch anything solid with screws? I have cedar shake siding on my house and there is not even plywood behind the siding. The house is early 50's and for sheathing back then they were using a type of black fibrous material that is not meant to be solid enough to hold wood screws. I would have to catch a stud. But I would never be able to catch a stud for each screw going through the bracket. The holes are too wide apart. And even if I could, any type of siding will prevent me from getting a bracket to mount flat. You won't be able to get a good bite against the wall surface due to the siding's profile. I wouldn't even try to mount a bracket on my house.

Stucco is a real can of worms. It can be real uneven and rough so you are not working with good contact to your bracket's base. Then, how thick is it? How solid is it? Can it hold a screw without crumbling and grinding away? Is the stucco material itself thick enough and solid enough to hold fasteners? I have no idea. What is behind it? Can you catch anything solid behind it with real long screws? I have no idea.

Round columns are just plain tough also. They are only made from a veneer of wood and are hollow inside, so you don't always get a good bite with the screws. It depends on the column's wall thickness, its condition and if is is even wood at all. Modern ones are often plastic or pvc. Unless you are willing to strap a bracket on with stainless steel straps like they do on municipal telephone poles on Main St, there is just no great solution. And straps might well mar the finish of modern plastic columns. The Moose bracket has a slot for a strap, but to keep it straight you would still want to screw it in. But then maybe at least the main stress would be on the strap, not on the screws. No guarantees, but that is the only idea I have.

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