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American Flag BannerAmerican Flag BannerClick to Enlarge

American Flag Banner: 3x5' with a sleeve across the top to carry in a parade or hang as a banner. The sleeve will accept a 1" diameter crossbar. Crossbar not included. Get a 1" dowel or pipe at a lumber yard or hardware store.

CLEARANCE ITEM Not returnable : $59.00 3x5' Iron Man polyester; Embroidered Stars, Sewn Stripes



Special Value: Actual Cotton Government Specification Flag  2' 4 7/16" x 4' 6"

Cotton American Flag  Cotton American Flag Official American FlagOfficial American Flag

The G-SpecTM Line of flag products are identical to those The U.S. Government has specified.
G-SpecTM items are made in accordance with U.S. Code, Title 4. Features include:
Lock-stitched seams, material and color matched thread.
Heavy canvas duck heading constructed to government specifications.
#2 rolled rim, solid brass, toothed grommets.
Official government size (1:1.9) hoist fly ratio.

#GSP6857 $39.95 (Regularly $57.00) Limited number in stock



3x5' Fully Printed Polyester/Cotton blend USA Flags with heading and brass grommets.

These are NOT "seconds". These are lovely quality flags

In spite of their low price, they are


 #PC35 $9.95 Each

Two for $16.78

$93.36 Per dozen: comes out to $7.78 per flag

$415.80 per case of 60 flags: comes out to $6.93 per flag This is a case lot price, sold in full cases only. Partial case quantities take the dozen pricing



Signature Series US Flag: MADE IN USA

The comparison I am showing you here is limited by my powers of photography. If you are local to us, walk into our shop and see the display. But viewing left to right, you see the star fields of three different nylon 3x5' flags.

Good The standard Nylon Flag flag uses a cotton thread in the star. It is the most widely used type of star embroidery for US flags. It is the standard type of star that has been used for decades and it is the type that comes in our "Eagle" flags below. See chart below for sizes and prices. MADE IN USA

Best "Signature Series US Flag".  We have been in business since 1977. This flag has the same 200 denier SolarMax® nylon as in most nylon US flags. But we were stunned when we saw the beauty of this product. We have never seen a more glorious star field. Unlike the usual cotton thread found in most stars, their high-gloss polyester thread is bright and sparkly. BUT the difference does not end there. The stars are extra dense. There is much more stitching in the embroidery which gives these stars a far greater degree of detail, contouring and style than we have ever seen. We have never seen a more beautiful outdoor flag than this one. This is a premium line product for the discriminating flag user who wants nothing but the finest looking American flag.  MADE IN USA

 American Flag Sewn Stars

Here is a close-up of the stars.  This star field shines like the sun and sparkles like the Milky Way. It really has that extra "pop". If you could see the comparison in our shop, you would see what I mean. The stars are larger with a deeper more chiseled profile than standard stars. There is more stitches per inch in the star giving them a greater detail. The polyester thread instead of the standard cotton thread all combine to give you a field of stars unlike any other



Signature Series USA Flag, Offered only in 3x5'; outdoor flag with heading and grommets


"Eagle"sm  Nylon Material: Best Value For Beauty MADE IN USA Embroidered Stars

200 denier SolarMax® nylon

Embroidered Stars, Sewn Stripes on sizes up to 2x3' to12x18'

Appliqued Stars, Sewn Stripes on 15x25' and up

Some say "I'm flying my flag because I want to see it wave!" There's a lot to be said for that thought. This is where our Eagle style flag comes in. Don't buy our nylon flag, or anyone's nylon, if you want the most durability for your money. Nylon is rugged, but there is a more rugged material. Instead buy Iron ManSM for the best in ruggedness and longevity. But nylon is very light and also sheds water quickly so it floats wonderfully in even a light breeze. Its colors are very bright and lustrous. For unsurpassed beauty there is nothing like a brilliant nylon flag waving on a sunny day! You'll replace your flag more often in the long run than if you use an Iron ManSM, but you may enjoy them more. It is the most popular choice among consumers for its combined benefits of ruggedness over lesser materials, brilliant appearance, lower cost and flyability.

Nylon is by far the most widely chosen flag fabric. It is what you see on almost all post offices.

Choose our "Eagle Nylon"sm For:
Great Flyability, Maximum Beauty, Bright Lustrous Colors, Good Ruggedness, Lower Initial Cost, Light Weight:  Dries Quickly, absorbs less water. Stresses Pole Less Than Iron Man flags.


Size & Model #


2+ Each

ED8 8x12" (This one size is printed not sewn)


 Quantities may be limited

12x18" #Eagle12S



16x24" Eagle16S



20x30" Eagle20S



2'x3' #EAGLE23



$16.95 each for 3 or more

14.94 each for 12 or more


2 1/2 x 4' #EAGLE24




23.50 each for 3 or more

20.00 each for 12 or more


3'x5' #EAGLE35



19.95 each for 3 or more

CASE OF 50: $15.75 per flag

4'x6' #EAGLE46




$39.50 each for 3 or more

$28.00 for 12 or more


5'x8' #EAGLE58




$57.00 each for 3 or more

$39.00 each for 12 or more


6'x10' #EAGLE610 133.95 95.50  

$79.00 each for 3 or more

$66.00 each for 12 or more


8'x12' #EAGLE812 225.00 x  
10'x15' #EAGLE1015 295.00 x
10x19' #EAGLE1019 x
12'x18' #EAGLE1218 $395.00

15'x25' #EAGLE1525


20'x30' #EAGLE2030


20'x38' #EAGLE2038


Finishing Details For Flags Above:

Stars: Up to 12x18' have embroidered stars; 15x25' and up have sewn stars

Headings: Sizes up to 6x10' have canvas headings with brass grommets

8x12' & up have roped headings with metal thimbles

10x15' & up have grommets in addition to the roped heading


 "IRON MAN" sm Two Ply Polyester Material  MADE IN USA

Our Best Value For Durability

Iron Man flags cost a bit more than nylon but they last way longer. You'll buy fewer flags over time. So they are perfect for industrial users such as schools and institutions that fly their flag 24 hours a day or for whom flag changes are difficult.

Here's the deal: Everyone needs something different from their flag. Some put it out once a year, protected by a porch in a mild climate. Some fly it illuminated 24 hours a day at a very exposed location in severe, punishing climates. Ask what kind of duty your flag must do. Don't send a boy to do a man's job. If it needs to take a beating, choose Iron Mansm.

Don't confuse this polyester with a leisure suit. It looks very much like a thick cotton.

Choose Iron Mansm For:
Terrific Ruggedness. Best Value For Longevity. Fewer Flag Changes Over Time Maximum Color Retention, Maximum Fabric Durability, Longest Life.

Iron Man is Heavy It droops more than nylon and stresses the pole more than nylon especially when it is wet.

Embroidered Stars on sizes 3x5' up to 12x18'

These two photos happen to show the stars on an 8x12' flag

Many people prefer Iron Mansm flags over nylon because of its rich traditional cotton like appearance.


Size & Model #



2+ Each


 Quantities may be limited

2 1/2 x 4' IRON24






$34.50 each for 3 or more

$24.00 each for 12 or more

3'x5' # IRON35








$32.50 each for 3 or more

$25.00 each for 12 or more


4'x6' #IRON46






$48.00 each for 3 or more

$36.00 for 12 or more


5'x8' #IRON58




6'x10' #IRON610





$79.00 each for 3 or more

$70 each for 12 or more

8'x12' #IRON812


x x



8x12' & up have roped headings with metal thimbles as shown at left.

Appliqued (flat sewn) stars on sizes sizes 15x25' and up

Headings: Sizes up to 6x10' have canvas headings with brass grommets

10x15' & up have grommets in addition to the roped heading

15x25' and up have sewn stars


10'x15' #IRON1015


12'x18' #IRON1218


15'x25' #IRON1525'


20x30' #IRON2030


20x38' #IRON2038



Pole inserts through the sleeve. Flag attaches using a slotted leather tab sewn inside the sleeve. See a closeup picture of it here: American Flag Kits

Sleeved Flags MADE IN USA

2.5 x 4'

This flag is finished with a sleeve through which you insert a pole. Pole sold separately. Click here to see availability of American Flag Kits with poles

Two materials:

"Eagle" Nylon #Eagle24V $39.95, embroidered stars, sewn stripes.

"Iron Man" Polyester #Iron24V $49.95, embroidered stars, sewn stripes.


US Flags Made of Cotton Bunting MADE  IN USA

  • Best for those who prefer a traditional look

  • But is heavy, does not fly as well as nylon. Droops a lot

  • Yet will not last like Iron Man SM which looks somewhat similar

  • Not the best choice for lots of outdoor use.

Finishing Details: Embroidered Stars, Sewn Stripes, Canvas Heading, Brass Grommets

Size & Model #








Dyed Nylon Flags, Nautical Quality MADE IN USA

Still rugged nylon, but less expensive and more available. Stars and stripes are acid dyed. Great colors. Heading/grommets


Model #

Price Each

12+ each










Economy Flags Finished with Heading & Grommets MADE IN USA

Best deal when you need lots of flags at minimum cost for light use or short- term decoration.

See Bargain Basement :Light wt. polyester, printed stars & stripes. Surprisingly long lasting for the cost.





Field Of Flags Through the years folks who have purchased our flags have sent us proud photos showing what they did with them. This is the most striking project I have seen. I am told that the flags were up for about 5 weeks, including over Halloween. This location is on a busy highway. Out of all the crowds that visited this memorial, not one person walked between the neatly organized rows, and not one flag was disturbed. This church really created quite a system for putting them in and they learned a great deal about it. I am told that detailed information on how they did it will appear on a web site. If it does, we will link to it. The flags have now been taken up and and will likely be sent to a sister church who will repeat The Field Of Flags project in another state.


Dear Al,
I am sending some photos from the Somers Congregational church with the picture of the field of flags we created for October 23rd. We have had very positive response from this. The flags have worked out fine so far. We add flags each day as there are more casualties. There are more photos on world news photo as well. Here is the press release we sent out about it:

Field of Flags

The Memorial Garden Committee of the Somers (CT) Congregational Church honored military and civilian casualties in the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts on October 23 by displaying a field of American flags, one for each of the 2,231 United States causalities.
The field of flags shows that those who have died and their families and friends are remembered in prayer at the Church. The idea for the field of flags came about as members of the Memorial Garden Committee considered what more could be done to show support for the troops who are in the war zone. (A US Marine) recently returned from his second tour of duty in Iraq. During his deployment our awareness of the loss of life there was intensified. Each casualty announced reminded us of the danger, and increased the empathy we felt for the families of those who have died.
A display board with the name and rank of each American casualty has been placed in front of the Field of Flags.
The 2,231 flags have been placed on the west lawn of the Church. They were dedicated in a short observance at noon on October 23. The dedication was followed by a reading of the names of those being honored. The field of flags will remain in place until Thanksgiving, and interested people are invited to stop by the Church to visit and pay their respects.
Donations to help defray the cost of the flags are being accepted; checks may be made out to the "Memorial Garden Committee", with the memo noting Field of Flags and mailed to the Somers Congregational Church, 599 Main St, PO Box 295, Somers, CT 06071.

Here is a links to coverage of The Field Of Flags:

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