Page Title: Premium Quality 4x6" Hand Held American Flags

Made in USA!


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10" Staff     MADE IN USA

Beautiful Rich Cotton,

THE STAFF HAS CHANGED; New photos are coming. These flags now come with:

Gold Plastic Staff with gold ball tip.

This is my finest version of this popular hand held cotton US flag. It is the choice to make when your flag giving, or flag decorating occasion calls more for beauty than for price. Sometimes for a mass distribution, you really need the lowest price. For those times look at the economy cotton and plastic flags on this page: American Flags But this flag product is all about a natural look and feel that evokes the sense of craftsmanship and wholesomeness we recall from times gone by.

Item #SHU46

Less than 12 flags 12 or more 144 or more 720 or more 1440 or more
$1.49 each $1.25 each $.99 each $.89 each $.79 each
Quantizes of 144 and more are sold in even gross quantities only
Deep rich colors, old fashioned quality in the weave and stitching


4x6" American flags are a popular size for table use, flower displays, wreaths, Christmas trees and giveaways.

These make wonderful desk flags or table flags. Use with our table bases

Nowadays you don't usually see such nice wooden tips anymore.


Flags are stapled to the staff rather than being glued or sleeved. Cotton hand held American flags have a beautiful warm and traditonal quality not equaled by other American flag products.


Look at that beautiful stitching.

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