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Some of the items on this page are being discontinued. Please check on availability.

Memorial flag cases to display flags from retirements, funerals and other honored occasions. Sometimes called Triangle Flag Cases, Flag Holders, Veterans' Flag Cases or Funeral Flag Cases, their use is NOT limited for veterans or military retirements. It is a myth that only flags for veterans may be displayed in flag cases. This is an honorable method to preserve and display a flag for anyone.

All of the flag boxes on this page are made here in the USA

Flag HolderFlag Holders

flag case

Vinyl Flag Case    Flags sold separately

#MFS-1 $16.95 Each; $14.95 each for six or more

Clear front, solid back for 5x9.5' casket flag. Very helpful for temporary storage or a simple display. Also a good way to keep your heirloom folded, clean and safe even if you are not displaying it.


Please click on the small images to get a better look at the quality and design built into this flag case

Solid American Black Walnut Construction

Plexiglass front. Plexiglass should be cleaned with a tiny amount of dish soap and water. Use a soft cotton cloth. Abrasive paper towels may scratch the surface. Do not use 409 or Windex cleaner.

For 5x 91/2' Burial Flag

Outside Dimensions:

28"x 203/16"x141/2"Tall x 5" deep

Be sure you have enough room to display this wonderfully made flag display case. IT WEIGHS A WHOPPING TEN POUNDS. Not for wall mountng

Inside Dimensions:

22.5"x16"x11.25"Tall x 27/8" deep


For 3x5' Flag

Outside Dimensions:

173/4"x13"x91/4"Tall x 31/2" deep, weighs 3lbs

Inside Dimensions:

133/4x93/4"x615/16"Tall x 17/8" deep


"The Commander"

Solid American Black Walnut


For 5x 91/2' Burial Flag

When I saw how large the carton was and then lifted this flag case out of the packing material for the first time, I realized it was something very different. Even though I had seen the photograph here at your left and seen the  measurements, it just had not registered with me how much solid black walnut wood and workmanship is in this case.

It has so much detail, design, levels and contours, so much volume, size and weight that when I hefted it out of the carton for the first time, I understood in a way I could not have just from the photograph, that this is a very special flag display case.

This flag display case is like a temple, it is like a structure, a shrine.

Some cases are sleek and minimalist in design. This one is the finest of the larger ones for those who want to place their family heirloom in very stately case. I've decided to call it:

"The Commander"  For those who want to make a statement for the ages       

#FB2B $267.00;


For 3x5' Flag:

"The Lieutenant"

This same design is available in a smaller size to accept a 3x5' flag

#FB66 $179.00;

CHECK YOUR SIZE. Most folks need a case for a 5x91/2' casket flag or a 3x5' ceremonial flag.


The cases below are fine furniture quality made in the great state of North Carolina

Fine Furniture Cases: There just are no more beautiful flag display cases. These are heirloom quality fine wood products made in the heart of fine furniture country in North Carolina, USA. Around here in New York, some people take vacation in North Carolina just to go down there and order their furniture from the shops that will make it. Twelve weeks later a truck shows up with your heirloom dining room table that your grand kids will one day have. These cases come from that same region and are made to that standard. Military flag cases from this product line are owned by United States Presidents. When you hold one of these cases in your hands, you will be struck by the care and the attention to detail those people put into their work. I have personally visited the woodshop were these wonderful products are made. They are the real deal. These are fine hand crafted solid wood cases made by folks who care in a deeply personal way about your happiness with their craft. They know that you are putting your most treasured keepsake in a case that they have made for you. If you can come to our shop, you will see that they look even nicer in person. I have not seen finer cases. For now, take it from me, these flag boxes look even better than these photos show.





For 5x91/2' Flag

"The Veteran" Flag Display Case.

#MFC15 $159.00  Flags sold separately

Solid beech hardwood flag display case with cherry finish

Glass front and removable back panel with easy open turn-button closures.

Wall mountable.

Outside Dimension Approximately 25.5"x12.75"x 3.25" deep

Inside Dimension Approximately: 22 1/8” x 11” x 2 5/8”


For 5x91/2' Flag

Flag Display Case

Flag and memorabilia Display Case Flag Case MADE IN USA

For 5x91/2' Flag

#16DC $370.00

Solid hardwood construction with cherry finish 
Create a perfect display for your 5’ x 9 1/2’ burial flag and accompanying awards or medals.

Glass front funeral flag case with acrylic front display case and turn button closures on back of both compartments.  Velcro-friendly backing for easy mounting of memorabilia.

The lower display area has an inside dimension of approx 101/2 x 24"


Brass service medallions: 2.5" Diameter.

#BMZ   $49.95 Air Force, Great Seal, Navy, Army, Marine Corps, Coast Guard. The Standard Pedestal includes your choice of these fine quality emblems.


Air Force Medallion

#BZM CLEARANCE :$13.75 We have two Air Force in stock for $13.75 each. THE CLEARANCE PRICE IS LIMITED TO THE STOCK ON HAND.


"The Heritage" Heirloom Solid Walnut #MFC1 $495.00 MADE IN USA
The flag case chosen by the United States Military for the families of our fallen heroes serving in the Armed Forces.

For 5x91/2' Flag This is a burial flag display case

The case opens from the front with a hinged lid and has a hidden magnetic closure and integrated dust seal to preserve your flag. A Velcro™ friendly insert to mount medals inside the back cover is included.

Solid Walnut flag case includes a service specific brass medallion. YOUR CHOICE:

Great Seal of the United States, supplied with black insert

Army, supplied with black insert

Navy, supplied with blue insert

Air Force, supplied with blue insert

Marines, supplied with red insert

Coast Guard, supplied with blue insert

Wall mountable.flag case

ID: 22 1/4” x 11” x 3 1/8” 
For 5x91/2' burial flag

flag case






Marine Corps is supplied with red insert


Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard are supplied with Blue Insert

Army and The Great Seal are supplied with black insert


"The Presidential" Flag Case" #MFS2 $395.00 For 5x91/2' Flag

 This is a burial flag display case


 Solid Walnut with Heirloom Walnut finish. Elegant beveled glass. Hinged lid opens from front. Concealed magnetic closure and dust seal to preserve your flag.  Wall mountable. Inside Dimension 22 1/4” x 11 ” x 3 1/8” For 5x91/2' burial flag Flags sold separately


CAREFUL: Know what size flag you have!

Large Flag Display Case: These are for flags from funerals which are are typically 5x9.5'.

Small Flag Display Case: These are for flags supplied for retirements or other ceremonies which are often 3x5' but sometimes they are 2.5 x 4'

West Point!! We are just over the hill from that great little engineering school down the river. For decades we have been supplying flags used for retirement occasions there. Through the years we have been asked to supply many different sizes! If someone tells you to just ask us what size is supposed to be used there or what the "official size" is, please tell them we have supplied 2.5x4', 3x5', 4x6' and 5x9.5'. We supply what we are told. We have been told to supply all of those sizes. If the flag will be run up their main pole and flown for a day, please ask the MP's what size they want you go get.

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