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Flag display cases, veterans flag cases    Bronze Flag Holders: Amazing crisp detail and graphics. These are truly stunning, rich quality when only the best will do for your personal memorial. Each marker is sprayed with a clear coat of lacquer for protection. They are oxidized, buffed, and polished to give them a "two tone" effect. This is a solid, heavy casting supplied with a no-rust brass rod for insertion into the ground.

All are approximately 6" in diameter

6" Diameter   Includes Brass Rod

Bronze Flag Holder Prices:

Grave flag holders have a place on the back to place Stick Flags.

There is a flag holder on the back. Flags sold separately

Use a flag with a 3/8" staff for these grave markers with flag holders

One Marker

Add extra value to your marker order


6 or More Assorted

49.95 EACH

12 or More Assorted

48.75 EACH

24 or More Assorted

43.95 EACH

36 or More Assorted

42.95 EACH

Mix & match these flag holders for graves to achieve quantity prices Memorial grave markers, Cemetery Markers

911 Flag Holder


#GMB40 911 September 11 Grave Marker $75.00



#GMB41 War on Terrorism Grave Marker $75.00

All are approximately 6" in diameter

All flag holders include the rod for sticking into the ground

#GMB1 War of 1776 $75.00

#GMB2 War of 1812 $75.00

Discount On Stick Flags


#GMB3 Mexican War 1846-1848 $75.00

#GMB4 Indian Wars      $75.00

#GMB5 G.A.R 1861-1865 $75.00 See also  Union Veteran Flag Holder

#GMB6 1861-1865 $75.00

#GMB7 United Spanish War Veterans 1896-1902 $75.00

WW1 Flag Holder

#GMB8 World War I   1917-1918 $75.00

#GMB9 World WarII 1941-1945 $75.00

Discount On Stick Flags

#GMB10 Peace Time $75.00

#GMB11 Vietnam Veteran $75.00

Discount On Stick Flags


#GMB 12 Korean War $75.00

#GMB13 Veteran (F, C, L stand for Fraternity, Charity, Loyalty) $75.00

#GMB21 Gulf War $75.00

#GMB26 Iraq War $75.00

CLEARANCE: This marker $39 limited to stock on hand, plus shipping based on  your location, limited to stock on hand

Discount On Stick Flags

#GMB35 War Veteran CLEARANCE: This marker $39 limited to stock on hand, plus shipping based on  your location, limited to stock on hand



#GMB29 Afghanistan $75.00

CLEARANCE: This marker $39 limited to stock on hand, plus shipping based on  your location, limited to stock on hand

 (Photo below shows it with optional service insignia attached)

Veterans' flag holder shown with optional Rolex Replica Watches service insignia

Add extra value to your marker order

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#GMB34 US Veteran  $75.00

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Cold War Flag Holder

#GMB37 Cold War Flag Holder $75.00


Add extra value to your marker order


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Patriotic American Bronze Marker: Appropriate for anyone, including those who did not serve in the armed forces.#GMB24 $81.75


Add extra value to your marker order

Discount On Stick Flags



Union Veteran Flag Holder: At Last! Just like every WWII veteran is not necessarily a member of the VFW or American Legion, not every Civil War veteran was a member of the GAR. Here is a grave marker I produce specially in a small quantity to accurately mark those graves.

Price includes 18" brass rod and holder on the back for a flag

#GMB36 Quantities of 6 or more may take up to 6 weeks as they will be made to order

Each 6+ 12+ 24+ 36+
$86.00 $63.00 $58.00 $53.00 $52.00

Discount On Stick Flags


  Click to enlarge

Add extra value to your marker order



Stick Flags


Zinc Alloy Flag Holder #GM23

Approx 6" diameter on 18" rod. Holder on the back accepts a flag.

Quantity Price Each
1-5 $43.00
6-11 $29.95
12-23 $28.50
24-35 $25.95
36-49 $22.95
50-99 $13.95
100-149 $12.95
150+ $11.95


Ask me about special deals for organizations or Eagle Scouts. Ask for Al, The Flag Guy?

As you can see, military flag holders come in all kinds of materials


Service Insignia

Separate castings that mount underneath your bronze flag holder.

FOR BRONZE MARKERS ONLY. A Great Way Distinguish Your Flag Holder.

$31.95 each


These will fit the bronze markers only. They will not fit the zinc marker above.

These separate bronze castings add an extra distinction to your bronze memorial flag holder. They simply slip on the marker's rod and tighten down with a set screw.

WE MOUNT THEM FOR YOU unless you are buying in bulk

 $31.95 each

#SB1 Army

#SB2 Navy

#SB3 Marines

#SB4 Air Force

#SB5 Coast Guard

#SB8 Purple Heart


#SB10 National Guard


#SB14 Air Corps $43.00 


#SB16 Korea

#SB17 82nd Airborne


#SB19 Vietnam

#SB20 Persian Gulf

#SB21 Desert Storm

#SB22 Afghanistan

#SB23 Iraq



$31.95 each

$31.95 each




If you are ordering service insignias, we will attach them for you. When ordering more than one marker and insignia, be sure to tell us which insignias go with which markers.


  Cemetery Flags Are Sold Separately:

#SHU1218L, 12x18"stick flag Three for $14.95 with the purchase of a BRONZE grave marker shown on this page; $16 with the purchase of the GM23 zinc alloy marker.

Say, "Hey Al, give me a three-pack"  Just look at the close-up picture showing that thick 3/8" staff with fully hemmed cotton flags. For a grave marker, you want the full size 3/8" staff because it fits much better in the flag holder than skinny 5/16" staffs. These are the best flags for your memorial flag holders.

For grave markers, the best size flag to use is 12x18" on a full size 3/8" staff. It fits the tightest. Best choice for a veteran's grave flag holder.  Larger quantities and other sizes

Let us add extra value to your marker order


 Let us add extra value to your flag holder order! I've realized that when we ship a flag holder, there is a lot of empty space in the box that we need to fill up with packing material. So I got the idea that we might just as well fill it with an extra value for you. So here's the deal:

What a wonderfully thick embroidered star


3x5' Flag for your flagpole

This is our #EAGLE35 3x5' USA Nylon flag with embroidered stars and sewn stripes that we sell for $39.95

For each bronze flag holder ordered we will include one of these flags for just $16.00

Order one flag holder, get one flag for $16.00

Order two flag holders, get two flags for $16 each.

The flags and the flag holders must ship together to the same place at the same time



Ask anyone.

Even if you do not use a flag yourself, this is an extraordinary deal for someone you know who does.

Take this opportunity to pick one up for a friend or relative.


Makes a great gift




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