Page Title: Pirate Flags

These are Pirate Flags, or Jolly Roger Flags. Some call it the skull and crossbones

Boat Novelty Flags

Jolly Roger Flag

Finished with canvas & heading brass

Jolly Roger Classic
Size Model Fabric Price Ea Price Ea 6+
12x18" #JR12 Nylon $15.50 $13.90
2x3' #JR2 Nylon $33.20 $30.20
3x5' #JR3 Nylon $58.50 $55.50
4x6' #JR4 Nylon $85.00 $82.00
5x8' #JR5 Nylon $129.00 $123.00

Pirate Flags

Pirate Desk Flags, Jolly Roger Desk Flag

Fine Quality Silk Like 4x6" on a 10" spear tip staff. Flag and base sold separately. CAUTION: The spear tip is sharp. Use only with adult supervision.


Click here for the 4x6" price chart

Click here for the prices of bases

Flag And Base Sole Separately

 Jolly Roger Flag

Pirate Pennant, Jolly Roger Pennant

10 x 15" Nylon finished with heading and brass grommets

#NOVJRP $12.95

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