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White Blue White Russian Anti War Flag




World Peace Flag

The World Peace Flag

#H185 3X5' $89.00

Brilliantly dyed polyester finished with heading and grommets

Created by James Van Kirk a Methodist minister from Youngstown, OH who took it around the world twice between WWI and WWII to promote the brotherhood of man and the fatherhood of God. He felt it was his life's mission to make the design known to nations and give it to mankind as a sign from God. The Universal Peace Congress adopted the flag in 1913.

He wrote that the design came to him by revelation from God as he thought what design and colors a world flag would have. It could not be left to man but would be found in natural law or be provided by God. The color laws of light furnish an appropriate basis for a world flag. The white light of the sun in passing through drops of rain forms the rainbow. The reunited colors produce white as seen in the band on the globe. The colors symbolize many nations, races, languages and sects. It also shows there is a harmony and brotherhood among the variations of the human family. They flow together producing a band of white encircling the earth as they represent the nations and peoples cooperating to make peace. The band of white, representing truth, brotherhood, harmony and peace will widen, as nations are more fraternal. Blue field represents the heavens suggesting we are all embraced in universal law and truth. Stars represent Nations.

World Peace Flag Post Card

The caption at the left margin reads "This design has been favorably received at the Peace Palace at the Hague and also by the Twentieth International Peace Conference and by the Peace Conference at Paris"

Caption at right reads "Designed by Rev. J. W. Van Kirk Youngstown Ohio USA"

Text at bottom reads "These seven colors of the Rainbow represent the natural unity in the variations of the race and in human interests. As these shades flow together they produce white, which is an emblem of truth, brotherhood, harmony and peace.  The stars stand for the nations of the earth"


Post Card used by Van Kirk to promote his flag


World Peace Flag over the Hague post card

1917 Post Card showing The World Peace Flag over the Palace of Peace, a building in The Hague in The Netherlands. The Palace was built as a home for the Permanent Court of Arbitration created to end war with the 1899 Hague Peace Conference. Andrew Carnegie provided 1.5 million dollars for its construction.
Van Kirk with world peace flag Van Kirk (right) at an unknown location

Earth Flag


 Earth Flag

#NOV35P $8.49

3x5' Polyester with heading and grommets

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Earth Flag

Earth Banner

#NOV35V $32.95

3x2' Nylon with sleeve on top





United Nations Flag

United Nations Flag



12x18" Nylon with heading and grommets


2x3' Nylon with heading and grommets


3x5' Nylon with heading and grommets


4x6' Nylon with heading and grommets


5x8' Nylon with heading and grommets


6x10' Nylon with heading and grommets



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