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Senior Citizen Flag Kit

The Senior Citizen 2x3' American Flag Kit

#K25 $51.95

Through the years we've heard from lots of people for whom a standard full size kit is just too inconvenient. Maybe you live in a condo and don't have a lot of room. Or maybe you have a problem with your wrist.

Is handling a full size kit difficult?

Not anymore. The lightweight polyester fully printed American flag and 3' x 1" aluminum pole make this kit very light weight and compact.




How small is it?

Senior Citizen Flag Kit

This Small.


The Senior Citizen American Flag Kit is there on the left. In this photo I have shown it in comparison with a more common 3x5' kit.

Think how much more convenient this American flag kit would be if a full size 3x5' is just too big for you.

Senior Citizen Flag Kit

Here it is again shown with a 12" ruler

Senior Citizen Flag Kit

Here it is again shown with a common iron. We don't include an iron! I just thought this would be a way to show you that if you can pick up your iron you can probably pick up this American flag Kit.

This kit is meant to be simple and convenient

Senior Citizen Flag Kit So simple and convenient we supply it with the flag already attached! When you need to replace the flag, just remove the thumb screw and attach a new one through the grommet.

The Senior Citizen American Flag Kit includes a pair of these #EZ1 Mount pole rings. No string to mess with. No cable ties to cut off. Your flag stays on the pole when you take it in and out. Just roll your flag around the pole if you take it in.

The gold plastic ball comes pre mounted on the pole

Senior Citizen Flag Kit And it includes this 1" stamped steel bracket with wood screws.

Senior Citizen Flag Kit

Options: Upgrade to a plastic acorn end

Add $3.00

Options: Upgrade to a brass acorn end

Add $9.95


embroidered stars embroidered stars

Options: Add $22.00 Upgrade to a nylon flag with embroidered stars and individually sewn stripes.

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