Page Title: Multi Color Pleated Full Fans

3x6' Nylon Pleated Full Fans, Three Stripes

$68.00 Each

$59.00 Each for 12 or more of the same color combination

Color combinations can not be mixed for the quantity discount. Quantity price break is for fans of the same color combinations

 CUSTOM MADE TO ORDER. PLAN AHEAD. Allow at least 3-4 weeks after a finalized order before they ship, plus time in transit. NOT returnable.

See color choices below. The color combinations shown are suggestions only. You can pick your own colors

There are no item numbers for these three stripe pleated full fans. Just order by description

Color combinations can not be mixed for quantity discount. Quantity price breaks are for fans of the same color combinations


Custom Pleated Full Fans



Choose from the colors shown below. CAUTION! Colors always look different from one computer monitor to another. The colors shown are for a general guideline only. If your color requirements for solid flags are less than casual and very specific, please purchase an actual fabric fabric swatch book  THE THREE STRIPE PLEATED FULL FANS ON THIS PAGE ARE NOT RETURNABLE. Buy a swatch book for actual color matching if you are real particular about color. #FSB $17.00

Many of the colors are shown more accurately in photographs on this page: Solid color desk flags