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Eighth Air Force Flag

The Flag of the Eighth Army Air Force

#H156 $49.00 Eighth Air Force Flag

3x5' dyed nylon design with heading and grommets; image is visible on both sides


What do you say about guys who get up every day to fly missions knowing there were very bad odds that they would return. If your crew could complete a certain amount of missions, the Army would let you go home. The trouble was, the average life of a crew was about half that number of missions.

The 8th AAF suffered 26,000 deaths out of the 350,000 officers and men. (The U.S. Navy suffered 37,000 deaths out of the 4.1 million in the WW II Navy.)

This statistic is not meant to take anything away from The Navy. It does show you the odds of surviving the air war over Europe. According to Wikipedia, Marine Corps killed and missing were 24,511 out of 669,100 serving.

These numbers tell us something about the withering fire faced in a few years in the skies over Europe.

I have been long intrigued by the Eighth Air Force and will be posting much more information here. I just wanted to get this page up now that the flag is available

Eighth Air Force Historical Society

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Our motto is "Deterrence through strength, global strike on demand."