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Click images to enlarge and see the kind of detail you can have with digital printing

Digital Printing! What an invention The time was when the only way to make small run custom flags was to sew or embroider them. Custom flags with the complexity and detail of this flag would cost maybe $800 and it would still not be able to have the detailed gradation of color you see here.

Not anymore!

Now you can get small run custom flags even one at a time for a fraction of the cost.  All you need is to provide us your properly formatted vector style artwork.

Flags finished with canvas heading and brass grommets,

Single/Reverse design: Letters read correct on front side and seen in reverse on the back side

"Hey Al, how long does this all take?"

  • My prices include a 12x18" pre-production actual printed nylon sample so you can see your colors as they will appear on the fabric before the final print run. The colors we all see on our computer monitors differ from computer to computer. The ink colors you see on a paper rendering of your design are not the same as the dyes that will appear on a nylon textile. I insist you see your final colors on nylon before the final print run.

  • Allow about 3 weeks after a finalized order to get that sample in your hand.

  • After you approve the colors, allow about 2-3 weeks more. Lead time may vary. If you haven event date you must share that up front.

Supply us with your vector format artwork Then your costs are:

$55 Set up (Includes 12x18" pre production nylon sample for color approval)

Size 6-11 flags 12-24 flags 25-49 flags 50-99 flags 100-199 200+



$35.00 ea $24.00 ea $20.00 ea $17.00 ea $14.90 ea $13.90 ea
1-2 flags 3-5 flags 6-11 flags 12-24 flags 25-49 flags 50-99 flags 100-199 200+
2x3' $145.00 $95.00 $89.00 $59.00 $33.00 $26.00 $22.50 $20.00
3x5 $160.00 $136.00 $99.00 $68.00 $49.60 $44.90 $39.00 $35.00
4x6 $179.00 $145.00 $130.00 $79.00 $69.00 $58.00 $49.00 $43.00
5x8' $288.00 $205.00 $169.00 $119.00 $99.00 $89.00 $79.00 $76.00
6x10' $326.00 $290.00 $210.00 $185.00 $175.00 $148.00 $120.00 $115.00


Sizes 8x12' and 10x15' need to be pieced together and will have seams. We need to see your artwork.

8x12' $434.00 $390.00 $296.00 $280.00 $268.00 $256.00
10x15' $568.00 $490.00 $458.00 $418.00 $390.00 $375.00

 The Peekskill Ambulance corps flag below has a sleeve on the left hand edge and gold fringe instead of heading and grommets

Size Add for sleeve and gold fringe Add for sleeve only
2x3' $42.00 ea $30.00
3x5' $58.50 $33.00
4x6' $69.00 $39.00
5x8' $89.00 $46.00


Canvas heading and grommet


Sleeve and gold fringe. A pole sleeve is a tunnel of fabric through which a flagpole inserts. The flag attaches to the pole by way of that leather tab you see sewn inside the opening of the sleeve. The tab hangs on a screw eye mounted at the top of the pole.

Middletown High School, Middletown NY, digital print




Flannery Animal Hospital


Fire Fighter Lead Banners

Appliquéd Fully Sewn Custom Flags and Banners



To correctly fulfill your order for a custom printed flag, we need computer art created according to the following specifications.
The flag layout must be provided as a vector format file, preferably done in Adobe Illustrator. The file needs to contain a true composite of the desired design including all specified color information, font data and linked support files. Fonts must be "created as outline" meaning that the fonts must be vectorized. The file should be saved in RGB format to allow for greater color gamut. Pantone Matching System designations are preferred for color fidelity of flat colors. The PMS numbers need to be "dropped in." In other words, the PMS information needs to be included in the file. The vector art can be provided as an .ai, .eps or .pdf file (with High Quality Print setting selected)

In addition to the vector file and other information mentioned above needed for manufacture, also provide a version of your art saved in jpeg format for our office and email use.

Don't have any computer artwork? Go see Sue: I have used her to make artwork for me and so have my customers. She knows exactly what to provide. Her shop is close to us.

Design By Sue, 128 Liberty St, Newburgh, NY (845) 561-2704

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