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Or more properly, The Bear Flag. Why the distinction? The Bear Flag existed before there was a state of California and certainly before California adopted a state flag. When it did, the language used stated "The Bear Flag is the state flag of California. The Great Bear Flag is one the most recognizable, most widely used, most spirited, most fun and most beloved flags in our family of American states.

Sizes 8x12' and larger have roped headings with steel thimbles


California Flags:

Outdoor nylon: finished with heading and grommets, brilliantly dyed on silk like nylon. Nylon offers the compromise between flyability and durability. If you want to take a big step up in ruggedness, take a look at Iron Man polyester California flags

This is a heading and grommet
Size Each Price each for two+  
12x18" #CA12B $15.00 $14.00  
2x3'     #CA2 $29.00 $25.00  
3x5'     #CA3 $47.00 $39.00  
4x6'     #CA4 $56.00 $49.00  
5x8'     #CA5 $94.00 $84.00  
6x10'    #CA6 $142.00    

Sizes 8x12' and larger have roped headings with steel thimbles.

8x12'     #CA8 $398.00    
10x15'    #CA10 $495.00    
12x18'    #CA12 $595.00    

California Flag Set

CHECK YOUR CEILING CLEARANCE. You will need almost 9' from floor to ceiling





California Flag Set

Matching American Flag Mounted Set For Stage, Court Room, Altar, Office, Parade




My fine quality California State mounted flag set comes to you with the flag and spear all attached on the dark oak finish pole. Just screw the two pole halves together and insert into the floor stand.

#35SETCA $405.00 (due to its size, weight and multiple cartons, add $22.00 extra shipping charges to the normal shipping cost shown on our order form)

Set includes:

3x5' silk-screened silky nylon fringed flag of single/reverse design; the image reads correctly on one side and in reverse on the back.

Pole #WP84: 1.25" x 8' not including the spear.

#ORNBE Bear Ornament 5.5"x2"

Floor Stand #FS1: 12", 11lb Matte Gold Anodized Aluminum Shell over weighted solid inner core filled with concrete.

Cord and Tassell Set #CT5: 5" x 9'

Flag Spreader #SPR

Ceiling clearance needed is almost 9'

I do not use plastic ornaments or plastic sand filled floor stands in my sets. Careful of those sand filled stands. If you bang the stand and crack it, the sand will pour out

I also iron my flags before I build a set. Then the flag is rolled around the pole to remove the roadmap type lines from being folded.

CLICK TO ENLARGE: Your flag will NOT look like this one. I iron your flag before I mount it. This is how a flag looks right out of the box. Sure it is an extra effort to iron your flag but would you want it looking like this on display? I iron it, mount it, and then it ships rolled not folded.

I supply a flag spreader with my sets. Without the flag spreader, a flag set looks like this:


With a flag spreader, a flag set looks like this:


Nylon Indoor/Parade California Flag finished with a sleeve (instead of grommets) and gold fringe

3x5'  #CA3PHF $89.00

Mounting Hardware




Republic of Rough and Ready Flag

The Rough and Ready Flag

#H188 $49.00 $26.95

Clearance Limited to stock on hand

 3x5' nylon with heading and grommets;

The first established settlement in Rough and Ready was made in the fall of 1849 by a mining company from Wisconsin known as the Rough and Ready Company. Their leader, Captain A. A. Townsend, named the company after General Zachary Taylor
(nicknamed "Old Rough and Ready") who had recently been elected the 12th President of the United States. Captain Townsend had served under Taylor when he commanded the American Forces during the U.S.-Mexican War.

Rough and Ready is the only mining town to have "seceded" from the Union and then voted itself back in. Populated mostly by miners from the state of Wisconsin, the town hoped to rid itself of a recently introduced tax on new mining claims and the prohibition of alcohol in Nevada County. Residents were also frustrated that the US Postal Service was demanding they change the name of the town to either "Rough" or "Ready", but not both. It was decided in a town meeting in April 1850 to draw up articles of secession, forming the "Great Republic of Rough and Ready" Less than three months later, when discussing the issue on Independence Day
celebration, community members regretted the secession, and the secession was rescinded by popular vote. Source :Wikipedia


Photographed in 1890, destroyed by fire in 1906 as a result of the great San Francisco earthquake.

California Republic Flag

The Original California Bear Flag

The California Republic Flag

#H149 $58 3'x5' Nylon with heading and grommets


California Republic Flag

California Republic Flag 4x6" Desk Flag

$1.25 Limited to stock on hand

Bases are sold separately


John Fremont's flag #H109

Custom Made to Order

#H190 $139.00

$79 each for three


3x5' Nylon with heading and grommets

At last a correct version with the white canton. Western explorer, and first Republican Party presidential candidate in 1856, Union Major General John Fremont refused to rescind his order freeing slaves confiscated from secessionists. He refused to send freed slaves back to their owners. Lincoln fired him for this unauthorized move. His wife created this flag for him to take on his early 1840's California expeditions. Made in Canada

California Desk Flags

Fine silk like quality. 4x6" flag on 10" staff

Flag and base sold separately

Desk Flag Pricing


Do you need to step up to an Iron ManSM Polyester sturdy California State Flag with grommets?

  • Two-ply most rugged outdoor fabric

  • Finished with canvas heading and brass grommets

  •  Stunningly beautiful, brilliant colors and designs

  • Very heavy, best choice for durability and holding their color against deterioration from the sun. But lower flyability than nylon. They will also stress your hardware way more than nylon especially when they are wet because they absorb more water than nylon which sheds water better.



Two or More

3x5' #CA3I


$72 each

4x6' #CA4I


$109 each

5x8' #CA5I


$175 each