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Second Amendment flag Desk Set

4x6" desk quality American flag mounted on a 10" staff. Comes with a classy walnut base with an engraved plate showing the entire simple text of the 2nd Amendment

Perfect gift item for friends, business, or as a treat for yourself to keep these words before you during all those hours you spend at your desk.

#WN12 $25.95 CLOSEOUT Price: $12.95 Limited to stock on hand


2nd amendment flag

#NOV52 $62.00

2nd Amendment Flag

3x5' Nylon with heading and grommets


The Gonzales Banner

#H282 $32 2x3'

#H28 $44 3x5'

Nylon With Heading & Grommets

From Oct. 2,1835 in the history of The Great Lone Star State of Texas!

The Texas Revolution

Santa Anna had abolished the Mexican constitution of 1824 and made himself Dictator. In 1835 he sends forces to reclaim a cannon in Gonzales. Can't have a cannon out among the people you are trying to control! On October 2, Texan volunteers unfurl this flag and fire the first shot in their war for independence from Mexico. Good old American defiance! At the time, Texas was a Mexican province. That December, Texans take over the nearby Alamo and allow the defeated Mexicans there to leave. But in February 1836 5,000 Mexican troops arrive led by Santa Anna himself against whom 182 Texans and Tejanos, Texans of Mexican descent, hold out for 10 days before drawing their famous "line in the dust" and perishing to the man. A handful of women and children are spared. The Gonzales Banner is an emotional and spontaneous expression of a handful of Texans standing up for their freedom and democracy.

Molon Labe Flag

Molon Labe Flag #R1527 $26.95

"Come and take them"

An ancient response given by the Greeks to the Persian armies who demanded they surrender their weapons at the battle of Thermopylae

3x5' Printed printed polyester design with heading and grommets



The Hanover Associators   #H144 $59.00

3x5' Brilliantly dyed nylon with heading and grommets

A militia formed in 1774 "that in the event of Great Britain attempting to force unjust laws upon us by strength of arms, our cause we leave to Heaven and our rifles." These were Pennsylvania country boys with attitude. To them, the right to bear arms was decidedly not about duck hunting. Lest anyone miss their point, the rifle and their motto "Liberty or Death adorned their flag.

American Revolution


Don't tread on me flag

Don't Tread On Me Flag

Gadsden Flag

Gadsden flag from the American Revolution


First Continental Regiment Flag



"First Continental Regiment Flag"

Their motto: I refuse to be subjugated"

American Revolution