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Sleeved flag kit Does your flag wrap around your pole? Look at our best rotating flag kit

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Sleeved American Flag Kit with rotating flagpole

 #K11 $72.00 two kits for $122 With Nylon Flag

Kit Includes:

2.5 x 4' nylon flag with embroidered stars, sewn stripes

5' x 1" Non Rusting Revolving Aluminum Pole

Heavy Cast Metal Two Position Bracket

The Sleeved Flag Kit features a highly polished gold ball. The flag attaches to the clip using the leather tab sewn inside the sleeve. The top half of the pole is separated from the bottom half with a ball bearing joint. This joint allows the top half to revolve separately from the bottom half thus cutting down on "flag wrap." This is a spinning flagpole that is a fairly effective anti wrapping device for preventing your flag from wrapping around the pole. Rotating Flagpoles
   This is the bracket you get with this kit. The two position #WB11S silver aluminum bracket is supplied with wood screws as well as a thumb screw.


Don't want to try installing a bracket into  your brick or stucco? Here is an upscale side mount flag kit that solves a lot of problems!

Flag and rotating flagpole kit for those places where you need a sideways flag holder.
This steel sideways bracket fits where others won't. Goes inside door frames, garage doors, on decks or anyplace where you need a sideways mount flagpole holder. Works at any angle: you can install it as a perpendicular flag pole bracket or a side mounted flag bracket.

Side mout flag bracket kit

Side Mount Bracket US Flag Kit: The Sideways Flag Pole Holder

#K33 $97.50 each; two for $175.00

3x5' flag with a 6' pole

Your kit Includes:

Side mount flag bracketSide mount wall mount bracket with wood screws

3x5' Nylon Signature series US flag with premium polyester thread embroidered stars and sewn stripes, heading and two brass grommets.

6'x1" free spin white aluminum flagpole with pole rings for attaching the grommeted flag:


Smaller Size Kit:

2 1/2' x 4' grommeted flag   with a 5' pole

#K33S $84.65; two for $149.00

Same parts as the 3x5' kit above but includes a smaller 2.5'x4' nylon flag and a shorter 5'x1" white rotating pole.

This kit's flag has standard embroidered cotton stars.

This bracket is a big hit. At last a side flag holder that solves a lot of problems.

SIZE: Many of you have called to ask the exact size of this flag holder. You say you have real tight squeezes. Ok, here it is: Positioned as you see it mounted there, the flat mounting base takes up an outside footprint of 3.5"x3.5". Said another way, if you were to replace the two triangular corners missing from that otherwise square base, you would have a 3.5x3.5" square. The distance between the left most screw hole and the right most hole is about 2 7/8" on center. The distance between the top hole and the bottom hole is about the same. I can't be any more specific. If your needs are super exacting, please get one in your hand and try it out.

Includes 5' x 1"  flagpole and can be mounted as a side flag holder

This inside wall flagpole side mount bracket fits where others won't. Goes inside door frames, side of garage doors, on decks. A sideways flag holder; What won't they think of next?



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