Page Title: Foreign Stick Flags

4x6" Cotton Foreign Stick Flags

SOME OF THE FLAGS ON THIS PAGE ARE BEING DISCONTINUED. PLEASE CHECK TO ASSURE AVAILABILITY. There are no more cotton rainbow flags. Rainbow flags are here Rainbow Flags


Mounted on a 3/16" x 10" natural wood staff with no tip. A low cost alternative to our more luxurious 4x6" desk type flags. An ideal low cost solution for parades, assemblies, mass distribution of international hand held flags.

1-23 Flags 24 or more assorted 144 or more of the same flag 1440 or more of the same flag
$1.25 Each $1.00 $.46 $.34
  At these quantities, flags must be ordered in even gross quantities.

The flags below are available EXCEPT

Greece, Israel, Pride

These three are still available in the nicer quality desk flag style priced here



Also available Panama and Poland UN version without the eagle. Both these flags are available in limited quantities only



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